Monet, A Lover of Nature

Throughout the history of oil painting, the importance of Claude Monet, who was born in Paris on Nov 14th 1840 and died on Dec 15th 1926, is definitely doubtless and obvious. During his life span of 86 years, his creation of art never stopped exploring a higher level to depict and illustrate the world of pure nature.

At the age of 5, Monet moved to live with his father, who was a businessman and running a grocery shop with his brother-in-law in France, and studied at the local school. As the most genius, nevertheless, young Monet could not enjoy his ordinary education at all, which directly led to his failure in school examinations. On the other hand, his strong feelings for pursuing art, along with the great talent that God bestowed him, made him well-known to the public even he was so young. By the age of 15, his sketches and some other works have fetched him a good fame and fortune at that time. Following his heart, even though his parents strongly repelled their son’s unusual way to live, Monet refused their offer to hire another man who would take place of him to join the army as long as he learned how to do business as they required, and contributed to his brand new experience in Africa for a seven years commitment in the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry, where Mother Nature’s beauty for the first time connected with the young artist’s soul. But two years later after he joined the army, Monet’s aunt led him out of the military and after that, Monet started his artistic life of impressionism.

Destiny is always fond of playing jokes on great figures to examine their will. But fortunately, Monet got a high mark this time even when he and his wife were at the edge of being starved to death on the ground of his poor relationship with his father. He once recalled: “Without a piece of bread that my dearest friend brought to me, I might have died.” Yet, he survived. His love for art generated his uniqueness in oil painting in the end. Regardless of the general agreement of his generation on the way to portray, he insisted his focus on details as well as the skilled use of light and shadow, setting cornerstone of his eternal success in this field. One of his most famous paintings, White and Yellow Water Lilies is the representative of his peaceful color to emphasize the tranquility of nature. Whoever stands in front of this oil painting will be careful about his breath in fear of stirring such a breathtaking serenity.

Monet was died of lung disease at the age of 86 and only fifty people joined his funeral ceremony as he required to be simple. His son Michel donated his home to the French Academy of Fine Arts.

Thanks to an artist like Monet, oil painting incarnates itself as a young lady of natural beauty, who is smiling elegantly but also unworldly towards us, unfolding her heartfelt love for nature.


Author Bio: Joe is an oil paintings designer who is working in Collieart studios.


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