Tips For Choosing the Perfect Frame

When choosing the perfect frame, whether you are doing the framing or having it professionally framed you need to look at what you are going to have framed. Is it an autographed photo, a watercolor, photo, sport’s jersey, etc. What you are going to have framed will dictate what type of frame you will need.

If it is a watercolor or canvas painting you should have a frame that is ornate silver or gold or an ornate wood frame. When choosing the mat to use look at what you are framing and decide what element or color you want to stand out and match it to the mat. One framing idea that can work with most photos and paintings is a simple frame in ether a mid-tone or black wood with a high quality cream or white mat. For an autographed photo you could use a shadow box frame. If you are having a jersey framed it is best if that be done by a professional so it can be stretched correctly and nicely framed.

Next you need to know where you are going to hang or display it. Is going to be displayed in a professional office, your home, or is it going to be part of a gallery display? If you are a budding artist and are showing your paintings in an art gallery you will want your frame to be of high quality and classic so the frames should be either fine metals or made of solid wood with clean lines along with neutral shade mats. In an office and at home the frames should complement your decor and color scheme.

Make sure that you are choosing the right mat boards, especially if you are going to keep the framed item for a long time. With mat boards you can use a single one or multiple-layer mats to give your painting depth. By using an extra wide mat board with small paintings you can make your painting stand out. You can also forgo the use of a mat when you are framing a large piece of art. .

You want to make sure that acid-free materials are being used to help prevent damage to your framed item. Although it depends on where it is going to be displayed the best cover to use would be a plexiglass cover. The reason is that this type of cover will allow the air flow between the cover and the item that is framed.

You also have to consider your budget as custom framing can be expensive so if you can do it yourself you can save money. If you decide to hire a professional framer ask them to give you a virtual mock-up so you can see what the product will look like before you make the commitment. If it does not look like what you want ask for a revision until it is what you want. As you can see there are many different ways to frame your paintings, jersey, photo etc so take your time and choose the right frame.


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