The Mission of the Site

Welcome to Number One Pictures. One of my hobby interests is photography. I will use this site to display several galleries of my own pictures. I also invite others to display their work on the site. This is not the place to keep a family picture album, but people watching is acceptable. I would like to display pictures of general interest. 

I intend to have several categories of galleries. I have worked the Motorcycle rally circuit for many years so there will be galleries of motorcycle pictures. I enjoy pictures of flowers, so you will find some of my flower pictures here. I will be putting up a contact form soon, but if you happen on the site before I get that done you can contact me HERE.

I also plan to write some articles on photography as a hobby. I am not a pro, but I have put some effort into learning some of the tricks of the trade. Articles that I write should be taken as opinion pieces, if there is something of value to you, use it. I may also check the articles directories for some articles that may be of general interest. If you would like to submit an article you can do that, too. 

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